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Ski Trippin'

Changes to Ski Trip Sign-Up Procedures
By Tom Crockett
Posted on 3/31/2017 1:44 PM

As most of us are shifting from a winter to summer mindset, PSC trip captains are working diligently to finalize arrangements for our 2018 ski trips.  Details for a couple of the trips are taking longer than expected to firm up, so the Board of Directors agreed to postpone our 2018 trip roll-out until the May 11 club meeting, at which time we will begin accepting sign-ups as well.


We have made several changes to our trip registration procedures that you should be aware of.  Perhaps the most important is the ability to sign up for ski trips online through our new website (  By May, we also expect to be able to accept credit and debit card payments through the website, so you will have the choice of either paying immediately online or writing a check.  As in the past, the total cost of the trip will be broken up into several scheduled payments, regardless of the payment method.  For trips that might sell out in a hurry (as Park City did last year), the immediacy of online sign-ups could be helpful in securing a slot, particularly if you are unable to attend the May meeting in person.


Also new this year is a $25 discount for early sign-ups, where “early” is defined as “before October 1.”  The purpose of the discount is to encourage participants to get on board sooner rather than later.  Early commitments help our trip captains to raise the necessary funds to cover payments to resorts and tour operators, and they also provide an indication of the level of interest in particular trips—helpful if demand turns out to be higher or lower than expected.  To qualify for the discount, your initial deposit, along with any other payments that are currently due, must be received no later than September 30.


In addition, trips will be advertising a sign-up deadline, reflecting the date after which it becomes difficult or impossible for trip captains to add or drop participants.  In some cases this may coincide with the refund cut-off date, but it could also be earlier or later, depending on the contractual arrangements of any given trip.  We had a lot of last-minute thrashing around with sign-ups on a couple of our trips this past year—some of which couldn’t be helped—but we are hoping to minimize that in the future.


We are also working on concepts for a family-oriented ski trip for next season, but we need input from families with school-age (or younger) children to help us determine what would work best for them.  If you or someone you know is interested in such a trip, please contact me at


We will be posting detailed info for our 2018 trips in early May, or sooner if it becomes available, so keep checking the website and monitoring your email for announcements.  If you have questions about the new procedures, feel free to drop me a line or give me a call.


Tom Crockett

Skiing Activities Chair

  Member of the Blue Ridge Ski Council