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Registering Multiple Family Members for PSC Ski Trips (and Other Events)

Tom Crockett  | Published on 9/10/2017
Revised 07/23/2018

If you have a family membership in the Peninsula Ski Club, chances are you're going to want to register more than one family member at a time for ski trips or other activities. While our new website based on ClubExpress has powerful tools to assist with this process, figuring out how to use them is not always obvious. This article is intended to provide some help. The remainder of the discussion assumes a ski trip, but the process is similar for other activities and events.

Family memberships apply to couples and to couples or single parents with children under 18. (Family members 18 or older will need to secure their own memberships.) In a family membership, one adult is designated as the primary member. The primary member has the ability to register additional family members and to make payments on their behalf. If you are unsure which adult in your family is designated as the primary member, login to the PSC website and check your Profile. The primary member will have an entry in the Personal Info section for "Additional Members in Your Account."

Each adult member of the club has his/her own username and password, so one approach for signing up a couple is to have each spouse or partner login and register separately. In most cases this will work fine, but if the trip is nearly full and slots are going fast, it is possible that one spouse will get a slot and the other one won't. Furthermore, child members cannot register this way since they are not provided with website accounts. (Note: If you and your spouse/partner share a computer and web browser, please review this "Important Web Site Tip for PSC Family Memberships".)

The alternative approach is to register multiple family members at the same time, using the following procedure. This is more convoluted than we would like, and we have been in discussions with ClubExpress about simplifying the process, but for the time being, this is how it works. It's not quite as bad as it sounds.
  1. Primary member logs in and navigates to the desired trip registration page, either through the links on the home page or via the "Ski Trips" listings under the "Skiing" tab.
  2. Click on the "Sign Up Now" button on the trip registration page.
  3. If the primary member has already registered for the trip, choose "I'm Already Registered and I'm Registering Someone Else" under Registrant Type; otherwise use "Members & Family".
  4. Proceed to the next screen and click on "Add Guest to Registration".
  5. This will bring up a dialog window entitled "Add Guest" (make sure you don't have pop-ups blocked in your browser).
  6. Important: Click on the tab for "Add Spouse/Partner/Child Member(s)".
  7. Under "Spouses/Partners" and/or "Children", select the "Members & Family" option in the menu beside the name of each family member that you wish to register, then click "Save".
  8. This returns you to a screen that shows the person you just added.  Proceed to the next screen.
  9. Select the activities and items (airfare, lift ticket, etc.) desired for that person.
  10. Continue through the remaining registration screens (questions, liability release, registration confirmation, and payment), supplying the appropriate information for each family member being registered.
As a rule, signing up for a PSC ski trip involves making an initial deposit for each family member to secure their slots. If you're signing up later in the season, additional amounts may also be due. When you get to the payment screen, you will have a choice of either making an immediate payment by credit (or debit) card or else sending in (or hand delivering) a check. For trips which sell out fast, the credit card option avoids delays.

The limit on individual credit card transactions is $1,500. In most cases, this will be sufficient to cover a scheduled payment for a primary member and spouse. The exceptions would a particularly expensive trip; registration later in the season, when a larger payment would be due; or when making payments which cover several family members. However, there is no limit on the number of credit card transactions you can make, so you can easily work around this restriction by making multiple credit card payments, each of which is $1,500 or less.

If you choose to pay by check, there is no dollar limit, but please include a note making clear who and what the payment is intended to cover.

Finally, if you find the online process too cumbersome, you can also provide the trip captain or webmaster with the registration details for family members, and they can add them for you. Or just use the traditional offline method of delivering a deposit check to the trip captain and telling him/her that you want to go on the trip. Of course, for destinations which are likely to sell out in a hurry, online registration eliminates delays and improves your chances of getting a slot.
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