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Ski Racing Jumpstart with PSC
By Tom Crockett
Posted on 12/4/2017 2:12 PM
PSC racer at Mount SnowHistorically, the Peninsula Ski Club has had an active racing program, including a friendly intramural race as a component of our traditional Mount Snow trip. In recent years, however, participation has dwindled and racing has been limited to a few members who still run NASTAR courses when they get a chance. Sometime last year it occurred to me that we might be able to jumpstart our ski racing program by offering an introductory clinic for newer members and for those who just hadn't taken the plunge yet.

Cathy Margiotta and I (with a lot of encouragement from President Steve) weren't quite able to pull this off last year, but we've revisited the concept this year and have put together an affordable "Intro to Ski Racing" clinic to be held at Bryce Resort on Jan. 24-25.

If you've ever wanted to run a race course just for fun, learn basic techniques of ski racing, or hone your existing skills, this clinic could be just the thing you're looking for. Cathy, a certified PSIA Level II instructor, will work with participants on skating, carving, and tuck turns, then we'll have a chance to try out our newfound skills on an easy-to-moderate course set up just for us. The estimated price of $197 includes overnight lodging, dinner, lift tickets, and the racing clinic. Good luck finding comparable lessons at this price!

We also have a couple of other racing opportunities on our 2018 schedule. Snowmass attendees will be able to race (for a nominal fee) on the public NASTAR courses at Aspen and Snowmass, and a Blue Ridge Ski Council race is included in the base price of our Stowe trip. So get warmed up at Snowmass, sign up for our ski racing clinic at Bryce, and then let's go to Stowe and show those Council racers who they're dealing with! (OK, maybe they're not quaking in their boots just yet, but give us time...)

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