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Skiing on Liquid Snow

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By Thomas G Ivanco
Posted on 9/10/2020 9:09 AM

Welcome to the water-skiing branch of the "Peninsula Ski Club of Virginia." The purpose of this branch is to gather water sports enthusiasts so that we can:

  • Share experiences and fun
  • Leverage shared knowledge to improve capabilities
  • Leverage club participation to experience different boats/equipment
  • Work to establish a slalom ski course for club use (coming soon)
  • Host occasional grassroots events such as a fun tournament and/or ski clinic

We are currently working with the Coast Guard and DGIF to install a slalom course on Chickahominy Lake (just up-river of Walker's Dam, in that cove on the south side). In the meantime, open water skiing on the upper Chickahominy River is not bad, especially on weekday evenings/mornings. Additionally, we have unofficial approval from the Chesapeake Parks and Recreation folks to use Oak Grove lake for one-time events.

In other news, we have established relationships with the nearby VA Beach Adaptive Watersports club. Terrific club that has a lot of experience and a very worthy mission.

Finally, due to the nature of club affiliation costs, I plan to affiliate the club in the spring with the American Water Ski Association.

If you have interest in participating, drop me a line at:

Also, please be sure to indicate your interest in water skiing under the members interest section.




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