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Our Holiday Party

Cathy Margiotta  | Published on 1/4/2019
From Peggy Donnell:

On December 13, 2018 we held our annual Christmas party at the OPC Clubhouse in York County and a big thanks to Penny Oots for securing this venue. The weather held out pretty nice and that was a bonus. Floyd Backley and I took on the Christmas party to do list and we couldn’t have put this event together without so many members who took time and energy to make this party awesome! We had a super group of folks who volunteered to set up and a big thank you for coming out!

We had a photo booth and accoutrements for folks who wanted to take away an evening memory. My husband John provided us with music and microphone for the evening events – thank you! Melva Mallison volunteered to take on the task of a black Friday purchase of 25 poinsettias and what bargain – good job Melva! She also provided the newsletter editor with all the photos used on the following pages as well as the cover. Floyd, Rick Irby, Penny, and Winnie Feldhaus took time to cook wonderful main course meat dishes, Kudos to everyone!  Everyone I had an opportunity to speak with in attendance gave a big thumbs up for the delicious main course meats, array of food choices, desserts, placement settings, decorations, games, and raffles.

Five prizes were raffled off throughout the evening and congrats to all the winners! A brave group of folks shared their best ski bloopers and the members voted. While the votes were being counted a friendly game of Christmas trivia was undertaken between members going on the Steamboat trip and Big Sky trip.  Kudos to the Big Sky members who took away bragging rights winning the trivia game.

The ski blooper votes were tallied and it went to a tie between Doug Chessen and Becky Lazos.  We revisited the Christmas trivia game for a tie breaker and the winner of a gift card was, Becky! Thanks to all who shared their ski bloopers. We were able to fit in a bingo game throughout the evening of who’s who and congrats to Janice on winning a gift card. The party came to an end and there were so many folks who stayed back and helped to clean up. I thank each and everyone one for taking on this task.



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