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Mount Snow: An Unofficial Ski Trip Report

Mahyar Malekpour | Published on 3/6/2023
February 12, 2023, a handful of diehard PSC members kept alive the annual tradition of skiing during Valentine’s Day week at Mount Snow. Janice, Rick, Dorrie and Mahyar drove up to Mount Snow with Mary driving separately from Long Island for a fantastic four days of skiing and snowshoeing.

Rick drove his faithful van while Janice helped with navigation and managed entertainment for the long trip by keeping the dial on our favorite radio station as we roamed through the maze of highways.

The weather at Mount Snow was balmy and snow conditions subpar. Jim Colbert said it was the second worst snow season there. Snow became heavy and wet as the afternoon sun warmed the slopes. Overnight temps and grooming made the slopes fresh again, and morning conditions were quite good. The company of the group alone made the trip worthwhile.

Group photo

If you do not know what happens to ski boots once they have lived their lives, look at the pictures. They, like all plastic products, become brittle and eventually break and fall apart, and when it happens as you are careening down a steep slope, turning your otherwise fun and exciting day into a rather eventful and challenging one, you realize you are not as skillful a skier as you thought you were and you wish you knew how to ski on one ski.

Busted ski boot #1Busted ski boot #2

February 17, 2023, on our way back, flashing signs on the highway reminded drivers that 95 was the name of the route, not the speed limit. However, watching some cars zig-zag through the traffic, you would wonder if their drivers knew how to read or even bothered to pay attention to the flashing signs.


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